It’s Drowsy Driving Prevention Week: These Car Accessories Are Designed to Help

With holiday road trips on the horizon, daylight savings and more people than ever losing sleep from all the anxieties 2020 has presented, it’s more important than ever to raise awareness about the deadly implications of drowsy driving and work toward solutions to help.

Fortunately, there’s new tech on the market designed specifically to help mitigate drowsy driving and protect both drivers and others on the road.

One of Car and Driver’s newest products, the Copilot, does exactly that – acts as a copilot to help keep drivers alert and aware. Copilot is a device that plugs into your vehicle and monitors a driver’s eyelids and pupils to alert them when they are closing their eyes or distracted from the road, without creating further distractions like some devices.

During Drowsy Driving Prevention Week (observed between Nov.1 through Nov. 8) the usually $180 priced item will be on sale for $99 – a steal to save a loved one’s (or your own) life.

Additionally, Car and Driver is offering 25% off all of its other products at BestBuy next week to help drivers upgrade their vehicle as we all spend more time on road trips without having to buy a completely new one.

Here are some other great deals from Car and Driver to keep your eye on and consider this week:

Nanobit (usually $22.99) – the world’s smallest12V car charger; designed to sit flush with car’s control panel

FM Transmitter/12V charger (usually $29.99) – acts asyour Bluetooth capabilities if you have an older car – meaning you can play music and make calls through your phone.

Wireless Charging Mound (usually $54.99) – fits comfortably in many places on you dashboard – with no wires

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